Internet Marketing

What you know

It’s easy to know many of the types and styles of internet marketing in use today.  Often, any time you want to promote your business in any way, shape, or form, you are accosted by opportunities from the big players to advertise your business, usually a relatively steep cost.


With the search engines, your only real choice for advertising is what is known as pay-per-click, or PPC.  Typically, when you set up your PPC campaign, you are asked what terms you are trying to advertise for, how much you want to spend, and what the wording of your advertisement will say.  That’s great and all, but they are literally charging every time someone clicks on your ad.  Depending on what you are advertising, this could cost you as little as $.10 per click, but there are also some other terms, depending on the competition, the location, and the actual term, you could be charged as much as $70 per click.

There is a catch to this, as you have to bid on your advertising space.  They usually offer you a range for your bid, but that means anyone bidding more than you will certainly have their ad shown more often.  You could increase your bid, but doing so increases the competition, makes your competition increase their bids, and in turn, you increase your bid…….. and the cycle continues.

Furthermore, you can’t even guarantee that anyone that clicks on your ad will buy from you.  It’s generally a toss-up, and unless you have a killer ad and killer webpage, more often than not, you’ll be wasting a lot of money.

Social Marketing

We’ve all seen it.  The video of the dog licking the lemon… which is hilarious, by the way.  It’s a viral video and the one of the methods behind social marketing.  People love hilarious videos.  The downside to this is that you need to create a video that has the ability to go viral… and then you need to capitalize on it.  As it is, though, it’s almost impossible to tell what will and will not go viral, making this aspect of social marketing very risky.

The other aspect of social marketing is engaging with your customers through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  If you can get your customers to engage with you, there’s a good chance you’ll have a repeat customer on your hands.  The downside?  Depending on your business, most people probably have very little, if anything, to say to you unless they need your services.  Again, very risky.


Search engine optimization is another method of marketing that has the ability to supersede any other type of marketing available.  The idea behind SEO is ranking your website (and any other web pages like your business Facebook page, Yellow Pages listing, etc) as high on search engine search results as possible.

If you are able to earn the number one rank for a specific search term, you are very likely to have most, if not all, of the users searching for that term end up on your web page.  It works similar to PPC in that people have to be looking for your services; however, you don’t pay per click.  You are in that position because the search engine(s) algorithms associate your website as the best possible result for a specific term.

Employing SEO on your site is easy in theory; however, there is a lot going on behind the scenes.  Most likely, you’d be best off hiring a firm to handle your business SEO needs.  San Antonio’s premier SEO company, Mallery Online Marketing is one such firm that can boost your business through the power of SEO.

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Dogs licking lemons got me laughing.  Enjoy the video below.

Kitchen Renovations

If you are in the market for home renovations, a room to pay attention to is your kitchen.   When it comes to kitchen renovations, there is a vast array of ideas you can incorporate to change the very essence of the room.  Some are certainly easier than others, as well as some are less expensive than others.  Keeping that in mind, these are just a few tips and tricks you can follow to arrive at a kitchen with a fresh and invigorating feeling.


Replacing your outdated, non-functioning, or just aesthetically unpleasing appliances can certainly breath new life in to your kitchen.  The major appliances are typically one of the first things noticed when someone enters the kitchen.  Often, you will see the refrigerator, the stove/oven, and the dishwasher matching in looks, if not set brands/models.

Many newer appliances have several features that certainly weren’t available just a few years ago.  Updating your appliances may not only offer your kitchen a new look, but it may also alter and improve the functionality of your kitchen and what you can do in there.

Replacing some of your smaller appliance may also give your kitchen a new, appetizing appeal.  A new coffee maker, toaster, or microwave can add a little personality to your kitchen in ways that major appliances can not.

Backsplashkitchen renovations

If you want an immediate change in your kitchen, adding or replacing the backsplash behind the stove/oven creates a drastic evolution of your kitchen.  The myriad of designs and styles allows you to pick and choose the exact match for your dream kitchen and give it the touch you want.

Cabinet Refacing

Refacing your cabinets will alter the flow of the kitchen unlike anything else.  If there is one thing that is seen throughout your kitchen, it’s the cabinets.  Whether you decide to repanel, repaint, or just add new hardward, you will be sure to create a new kitchen experience for yourself and your guests.

Shawn Thornton Suspension – Just?

Earlier today, the NHL handed down their punishment on Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins for the actions he took against Brooks Orpik of the Pittsburgh Penguins back on December 7th (video below).  The league has decided to punish Thornton by suspending him for 15 games.  I bring this up because I have heard both sides of the story.

Unfortunately, the majority of people I’ve spoken to are Bruins fans.  They admit that what Thornton did was wrong, however, they suggest that in the end, it wasn’t his fault.  After all, he was protecting his team mates.

Let’s start at the beginning (see video below)

This all began in the first shift of the game.  As you watch (and view the video from 0:45 for the slow-motion replay) you see a hard and heavy hit from Orpik on Loui Erickson.  Erickson was injured earlier this year with a concussion and this hit knocked him out of the game.  I hear left and right that this hit from Orpik was dirty and predatory.  Neither the refs, the announcers, or the league seem to think so.  There was no penalty on the play, the announcers (Boston announcers at that) suggest that the play could have been called as interference as Erickson did not have the puck, yet (he was in motion of receiving the pass off of the boards), though they admit that it was at the refs’ discretion whether or not to make the call.  If you watch, Orpik appears to make contact shoulder to shoulder.  The hit isn’t high.  He is not hitting Erickson from behind.  He is gliding (feet are not moving).  The hit was very hard and it clearly shook Erickson up.

Shortly after, Thornton challenged Orpik to a fight, which he declined by skating away.  In my opinion, you have one other option there to play the role of enforcer and protect your teammates: HIT HARD.  Of course, I received a lot of flak for having that train of thought.  Enforcers around the league and many Bruins fans seem to think that Orpik was required to fight.  Had he dropped his gloves and fought Thornton (and everyone agrees that Thornton would have destroyed Orpik), nothing else would have come of this… unless of course Orpik is injured during a fight… and it could all snowball out of control in plenty of other ways.  There has been a lot of “what if” going on lately.

To the play that got Thornton suspended – It all began with a James Neal knee to the head of a prone and defenseless Brad Marchand.  There was a scrum after the whistle and Thornton made the decision to skate over to Orpik, grab him from behind, sweep his leg out from underneath him, and punch him in the face twice as he laid on the ice.  To suggest that there is a place in hockey for a sequence such as this is a travesty to the history and greatness of the sport.  Clearly it wasn’t a hockey play and the emotion behind it wasn’t a sudden source of the action.  The temper had been brewing ever since Orpik hit Erickson and declined to fight Thornton.

At the end of the day, there are those that are crying foul for this suspension claiming that it will open the flood gates on preventing enforcers from doing their jobs.  In reality, enforcers can do their job as long as they don’t cross the line like Thornton did.  You hit and hurt a star player, expect to be roughed up.  If you won’t fight, expect some elbows, cross checks, and hard and heavy hits.  But at no point should you expect to be hauled down and mugged from behind.